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Royals (Dads)

The Royals Club has been established to provide dads, step-dads, uncles, grandfathers and other adult males with an opportunity to participate in their children's educational experience at Saint James Elementary School.

The Royals Club is an extension of the Saint James PTA and has co presidents, who are also members of the Saint James PTA board and serve a two-year term.  The PTA oversees all activities and supports all funding needs.

The Royals Club organizes entertainment activities throughout the school year for all grades.  Examples of these activities include the Polar Plunge, Basketball Blowout, and other special events.  We also assist the PTA with various school activities.

                                                   "Royals 100 Club”    

The goal of our new new initiative, the "Royals 100 Club" is simple: to obtain 100 active “Dads” which can be any adult male who has a child or relative enrolled at Saint James Elementary School.  We meet (voluntary attendance) either the third or fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at various locations.  Please see the schedule below for all upcoming Royals meetings or check the Saint James calendar.  It is a great way to meet the other dads and stay informed.


Thursday, September 26th 7:30pm The Brothers Restaurant
Thursday, October 24th 7:30pm The Brothers Restaurant
Thursday, November 21st 7:30pm Federico's Pizza
Thursday, December 12th December 19th 7:00pm The Brothers Restaurant
Thursday, January 23rd 7:30pm The Brothers Restaurant
Thursday, February 27th 7:30pm The Brothers Restaurant
Thursday, March 26th 7:30pm Federico's Pizza
Thursday, April 23rd 7:30pm The Brothers Restaurant
Thursday, May 28th 7:30pm The Brothers Restaurant
Thursday, June 11th 7:30pm The Brothers Restaurant